You are thinking about becoming a member of ESN Bergen? 

We recruit twice a year at the beginning of the Fall and Spring terms. Just look out for any information showing up here on the webpage or on our official Facebook page

DEADLINE for applying to become a member for the Fall semester 2018 is 26th of August at 12.00 (noon). See the end of the page for more information! 


Here is an overview of all the committees you can pick from:



Main task is to organise our events and to make sure they run smoothly. Every committee member is asked to be in charge of at least one event throughout the semester.

For this committee we need people that are interested in organizing events, brainstorming ideas, and are dedicated to make the semester fun and exciting for the students through well-planned events.


In charge of the section's promotional material and social media accounts. This includes making posters, being active in promoting, and posting pictures and information on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

For this committee we are looking for students that are interested in PR, in advertising and marketing, and in graphics and design.


This committee is in charge of running our Buddy program. The main task is to organize Buddy events, promote and working on improving the program.

For this committee we need people that have teambuilding spirit, enjoy creating and organizing events, and are interested in improving the Buddy program.

Social Erasmus

This committee is in charge of our Social Erasmus program where work on giving back to the community. The committee members are in charge of running our Social Erasmus inSchools project, Natteravnene and other volunteering projects.

For this committee we are looking for students that have an interest in charity work, in seeking out volunteering opportunities, and want to improve the programs we are already running.


Most positions of the board get elected for one semester. However, the President is elected for 1 year.
The President position is up for election every Fall semester.

President (1 year)

The President is our representation to the outside and mainly responsible for the board members and the operation of the local section.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for all Active Members, providing supervision and assitance to the committees, and is an assistant to the President. He or she also functions as the Secretary, and is in charge of writing the minutes for all meetings.

Local Representative

ESN is a European-wide network that is connected through their representatives. The Local Representative is in charge of the information flow between ESN Bergen and the national and international level. 


The Webmaster keeps our website up-to-date, adds events, news and fun things about Bergen.

Buddy Manager

The Buddy Manager is main contact person for the Buddies and keeps the Buddy program running. That involves operating the Buddy system, coordinating Buddy events, and in charge of communication with the buddies.

Social Erasmus Coordinator

The Social Erasmus Coordinator is responsible for coordinating our Social Erasmus committee and all our volunteering projects.

Event Coordinator

The Event Coordinator coordinates the Event committee and makes sure that all our events are awesome.

Partnership Responsible

The Partnership Responsible makes sure that you get nice deals with your ESNcard.

PR Responsible

The PR Responsible coordinates the PR committee and makes sure that everything we do gets out there through social media.


The Treasurer looks after all our money.

Teambuilding Coordinator

This is a new board position. The Teambuilding Coordinator makes sure that every member feels welcome, included and good in the organisation. This person coordinates teambuilding activities for the whole ESN Bergen, for the board and also has a contact person in each committee.


Keep in mind that these are short descriptions and that all the positions have more responsibilities. If you want to know more about the board positions don’t hesitate to ask us questions.




If you want to become a member, then we need a motivation letter from you. Sent it to

The motivation letter should be at most 1 page and it should answer 

  • who you are
  • what you study
  • what your interest in ESN is
  • what experience you have 
  • what sort of skills/talents you can use in ESN Bergen.


It must also clearly state what committees and tasks you are interested in. The committees must be listed by preference from 1 to 3.

Also, if you're interested in running for a board position, state which one. The board positions will be elected by all active members (new and returning) after the application period is over. 

UPDATE: Board position for PR manager is still open.