Hey Everyone! Its time for another Hansafest. Come join us!

Hansafest - a get-together with your fellow students, internationals and Norwegians, at one of Bergen's most historical pubs - Sjøboden. Immerse yourself into the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this wooden pub, enjoy the ever-talented one-man guitar band, who will play a great variety of songs for every music taste out there, and just chat the night away! If this still seems a little dull then we hope some shuffleboard action will change your mind and make you join us!

HOLDERS OF THE ESN CARD GET A SPECIAL DEAL AT THE PUB! If you still haven't purchased a card, then a modest fee of 50 NOK will give you access to amazing student friendly deals all over Norway and the world! We will be selling the cards at the pub, but please remember that you need to attach a photo of yourself in order for the card to be valid!

Age to enter the bar is 20 years old. Please have a valid ID with you and don't forget to bring some good mood!

We are looking forward to spending the evening with you!

Love, ESN Bergen

01/03/2018 - 20:00 to 02/03/2018 - 02:00