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Want to know how international students live and thrive in Bergen? Have a look at our short interviews here.
1. Why did you choose to study in Bergen?

2. How many umbrellas have you broken this term?


Chris, 23 (Australia)
1. Bergen was actually my 7th option (laughing). I mean who would come in this place with so much rain? But it’s a crazy town, the weather is so different from Australia and I needed a different experience! And outdoor activities are a part of  the Norwegian opportunities.
2. Two. But I’ve started walking without umbrella because they just broke.

Rolf, 22 (the Netherlands)
1. I wanted to go to Scandinavia in general.. I couldn’t go to Copenhagen, so I came in Bergen and I discovered it’s so nice, I love its nature.
2. Only one. It was my prettiest but I’ve broken it!
Monica,  22 (Spain)
1. I wanted to go to Scandinavia and Bergen was the most beautiful city of Norway!
2. None! Because I can’t use an umbrella of course!
Ophelie, 23 (Belgium)
1. I’ve chosen Bergen because it’s a beautiful city and people are so kind... and of course for its landscape and mountains!
2. Zero... I can’t use them!
Melanie, 22 (Belgium)
1. It was my 8th choice (out of 9)! Actually it was lower in my list just because it’s so expensive, but the reason I really wanted to come here is because it’s the right mix between Erasmus life and nature at the same time...where you can hike, explore and visit a nice country!
1. Zero! Because I have overall rainproof clothes, like a good Norwegian of course!
More interviews are coming up!