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The seven famous mountains around Bergen are:
Ulriken, Fløyfjellet, Rundemanen, Sandviksfjellet, Løvstakken, Damsgårdsfjellet and Lyderhorn. 

You can find information on some of the mountains here.


ALWAYS follow the Norwegian “mountain rules”:

Don’t embark on a long hike without training.

Report where you’re heading.

Show respect for the weather and the weather forecast

Be prepared for bad weather and cold, even on shorter trips. Always bring a backpack and the equipment that the mountain requires.

Listen to experienced mountain hikers.

Use a map and a compass.

Don’t walk alone.

Turn back in time. Turning back is no shame.

Save your energy and dig yourself into the snow if necessary.


Løvstakken (477 m.o.h)
  • How to get here: Bybane stopp Danmarksplass or bus stop Lien S bus nr. 13.
  • Time: 1-1,5 hour up to the top.
  • Tip: when going back down, pay attention to what path you choose. 
  • Mid level hike. 

The mountain is located behind gyldenpris (Damsgårdsroad in Solheimviken), and there are several paths. One of them starts in Solheimslien, and from a distance it is quite easy to see the beginning of the path zigzagging upward. This is not the best mountain to go to if Bergen is showing itsself from the rainy side, since some areas are a bit muddy. At the top there is a big phone/electricity pole and a big cairn, and when coming out of the wooded area this should be easy to spot. In addition to viewing Bergen city center, Ulriken and Fløyen, Askøy from the top, you can in the other direction view Fyllingsdalen and the Ocean.


  • How to get here: bus 12, stop Montana.
  • Time: 50 minutes -1,5 hour
  • Mid-difficult hike (steep mountain) 

Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains with 643 meters. On the top you will find a big TV tower, a resturant and a kiosk. The top can also be reached by a cable car.

The hike to Ulriken normally starts at Montana. This place can be reached by bus number 12 (going from Festplassen and Bergen bus station). It’s also possible to park with car, but in the weekends it’s normally hard to find a spot. The tracks up to Ulriken are well marked, first you follow a stony road, and after a wild it devides into a smaller path and a bigger path. The smaller one is also the shorter one (1 hour), but very steep. The bigger path, will turn smaller after a while, but it’s not so steep - and because of this you’ll also have to consider some more time before reaching the top.


  • How to get here: start walking up next to the “Fløybanen” or take the cable car (Fløybanen).
  • Time: 30-40 minutes.
  • Easy hike. 

Fløyen is probably the best known mountain in Bergen. It’s easy to reach, several paths are leading to the top. You can go by road, or choose the tracks. You can even reach the top by train, the famous “Fløibanen” will bring you to there for 45 kr. Fløien is easy to recognise from the city center, as there is a big white restaurant lying on the top. If you look closely, you can also see “Fløibanen” (one red and one blue wagon) driving up and down.

You will find Fløibanen if you walk over the fish market and continue straight ahead to the white house where it’s written “Fløibanen” over the entrance. If you continue walking up the stairs behind the house (the stairs works as shortcuts between the scrolled road), you will soon reach the signs leading you to the top. Just make sure to pass a white tower (made of wood) on the way up. And don’t hesitate to ask some locals if you have trouble finding the way. Norwegians love to give hiking directions!


  • How to get here: from Fløyen/Stolzen.
  • Time: 1,5 hour one way.
  • Mid-level (good road/path and not very steep).

You can reach Rundemannen by first going to Fløyen and then continue in the direction of “Brushytten” (cabin - see signs) where one of the paths toward Rundemannen/Blåmannen are located. You will end up at the top of Stoltzen, and you can from here go down to “Sandviken”. Alternatively you could of course go up the Stoltzen “stairs” and continue toward Rundemannen from this direction, and thereby ending up at Fløyen.

Gullfjellet - the highest mountain in Bergen's surroundings
  • How to get here: The bus number is 925 or 930 and the bus stop is called “Gullbotn V”. Use the Skyss travel planner ( to get the exact timetable. It’s half an hour by car away from the city center, and it’s also possible to reach by bus. If you go by car you can choose to park at Gullbotn, or at Osavatnet.
  • Time: From Osavatnet the hike is longer, first you will reach a cabin called Redningshytten, and from there you follow the stone markers against the top. For this hike, you should at least count 7 hours. For the hike starting at Gullfjellet you’ll have to count 4-5 hours.
  • Mid-difficult level.

From Gullbotn it’s only 5,5 km to the top – but very steep! Follow the blue marks and the small signs “Rett Vest”. After a while the first stone mark appear, and then you can continue following these ones.

It should be taken into consideration that Gullfjellet is a very exposed and unsheltered area. If the weather turns bad, the fog can come quickly - and the hike will certainly become harder. There are many steep cliffs, especially from the Gullbotn side. So make sure to follow the tracks, and the arrows on the stone markers. If bad weather shows up, it’s always smart to turn around and come back another time.



  • How to get there: Vidden is the mountain area between Fløyen and Ulriken. You can start the hike from either Ulriken or Fløyen, and you can choose to make it shorter by taking the cable car up Ulriken, or Fløibanen (a steep tram) up Fløien. But be aware: the hike is easier if you start at Ulriken, as it cointains more descent.
  • Time: 5-6 hours depending on your speed
  • Mid-difficult. 

The hike is well marked, and over Vidden (the plateau) you follow the big cairns. The signs to “Vidden” already starts behind the restaurant at Ulriken, and from Fløyen you follow the signs to Rundemannen, and from there to Vidden. If you download the UT app for free, you can follow the map easily.

You should consider 5 hours for this hike. If you choose to walk up Ulriken/Fløyen as well, you should count in an extra hour. This is no hike for beginners, but if you have hiked some mountains before - it should be no problem. Just wear good shoes, as the path can be stony and wet. And bring your camera, the view over Bergen and the seven mountains is amazing in good weather. This is also a hike in which you will experience some real Norwegian mountain nature!


  • How to get here: Walk Fjellveien (15-20 min from Fløyen in the direction toward Sandviken).
  • Time: 20-40 minutes
  • Mid-difficult level (800 stairs, and 300 m climb). 

“Stoltzen” is a popular training route among the Bergen people. It starts at Fjellveien, the highest road over Sandviken. The hole route to the top consists of stone stairs. They are steep, so this is a really heavy hike, but the view over the city is wonderful. If you want to do as the locals; dress up in training clothes and take the tour as a workout. Remember to set the timer on your watch/phone - to get the exact time. Every fall there is a race up here, the fastest one in 2013 ran on 8 minutes. Or you can be the “tourist” and walk slowly up as you enjoy the view over Bergen and Sandviken. From the top you can continue the hike to Fløyen.