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The Buddy Bergen program is an opportunity for you to get to know local students, to experience Norwegian culture and to enrich your stay here in Bergen. The many events ESN and ESN Buddy have in store will surely make your semester a fun and busy one! 

NB. Every semester, we receive a huge amount of applications from international students interested in joining the Buddy program. Thus, getting a local Buddy is in high demand; if you're not interested in meeting up with a local Buddy, please do not sign up so as not to to take available spots from other international students. Also, NLA and HVL have their own Buddy programs. Please participate in their programs if you are studying at their campus. If you're a P.hD. student at UiB, please join the UiBdoc group. Thank you!
Why should you get a Buddy?
ESN Bergen would like you to get the best semester/year as an exchange student here in Bergen. Knowing from our own exchange experiences, getting to know local students or a new country can be challenging. Signing up for a Buddy will hopefully give you the opportunity to meet someone that can guide you on the Norwegian society and its ways, and meet new people that will add to your exchange here in Bergen. It's a great way to learn about the Norwegian culture, maybe learn some new phrases in Norwegian, and to foster new friendships in a foreign country!
What do ESN Bergen expect from our Buddies?
In Buddy Bergen, you are matched up with one local student. It will be up to you and your Buddy to decide what you want to do and when to meet. However, we do expect the local Buddy to take initiative to at least four meetings during one semester. ESN will host many events that you can attend with your Buddy. In addition, we encourage the Buddies to introduce you to other Norwegian students.
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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on: [email protected]

Also: We have a Facebook-group!

If you want to be part of the Chinese network in Bergen, join Chinese Corner Bergen.