ESN Bergen brings to you one of the most fascinating and fun games to be ever played among students, friends, colleagues and just random strangers united by the entertaining nature of "Mafia".
"Mafia" is a psychological group game, where each participant gets to play a particular role. You might be the innocent citizen who desperately tries to "stay alive" and save "your town" from the bad guys. Or you can end up being the powerful sheriff, who conducts his own investigation during "the night". Maybe you will become the town's doctor whose sole mission is to "save as many people as possible". But surely the most exciting role to play is that of mafia - a "murderous" group of individuals who won't stop till they "kill" all the people in town.
This is the game where you can test how well does your logic and intuition work, how good of a strategist, bluffer and liar you are, whether you excel at persuading others and which role suits you the best - the one of the bad guy or the good guy? 
At our first game on Wendnesday, 20.09, there were more than 40 players. We played 2 games in parallel at 18:30, and than we played one more time at 20:00. We provided some sweet snacks and fruit. Everyone had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the game. We created a closed Mafia Group on Facebook for our regular players.