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Compared to any other city in Europe with the same size, Bergen offers a wide and diverse selection of pubs, bars and clubs. Most popular days to go out are Fridays and Saturdays. Although it is quite popular among students to go out during the weekdays (especially Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) as prices usually are lower. Scroll down to read a description of some of the places Bergen has to offer. 


  • Location: Olav Kyrres gate 49
  • Beer prices: around 50 kr
  • Entrance: normally free, 50 kr when it's "Helhus" (some Saturdays).
  • Age limit: 18 with a student card, without: 20.
  • Webpage:

Kvarteret is the student venue in Bergen. It is ran by student volunteers, and it takes 400 of them to keep it going. Many of the volunteers are international students. The environment is young, and it's been said that to work there it is the easiest way to get into the core of the student world in Bergen.

Kvarteret hosts many events every week. Those include quizzes, concerts, game nights, poetry evenings, debates, impro battles and so on. They have several bars, and in "Stjernesalen" they serve tasty food (for very reasonable prices) from 11:30 until 21:00.

Every Monday is called "Mikromandag" at Kvarteret, and here you have the possibility to taste Norwegian micro-brewed beer to reduced prices!

Check out their program to see what happens next at Kvarteret. And if you want to become a volunteer, you will get discounts on the food and in the bar, you will get courses and work experience, and the possibility to join private parties for the volunteers.


  • Location: Olaf Ryes vei 48, 5006 Bergen, Norge
  • Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 21-03.00
  • Beer prices: around 50 kr.
  • Age limit: 18 as long as you have student ID, if not 20. Always 18 at concerts.
  • Entrance fee: Normally free, except when it's a concert or special events.
  • Webpage:

Hulen is a club run by student volunteers, and has been an important venue for student cultural life in Bergen since 1969. Hulen is unique in terms of its very special location in a cave – with white painted cave walls and candle lights. There are a lot of concerts playing here, both newer artists as well as more established artists. Some examples of artists/bands that have played here:  Mogwai, Kaizers Orchestra, The Pogues, Satyricon, The New Pornographers, Danko Jones and Turboneger.

The event called Retrorocket is held once a month and is really fun if you like dancing to swing funk, disco and old school hip hop.

If you want to volunteer at Hulen, you get a lot of advantages: free entrance at every event and concert, the possibility to write yourself up on guest lists at the other concert places in town, employer discount in the bar, entrance to private parties for the volunteers and work experience (looks good on the CV).



  • Location: Nygårdsgaten 2n(in the same street as Tidi, Garage, Brukbar)
  • Opening hours: 19:00 - 02:30 (come early if you want a table!)
  • Student prices: 29 kr for a beer and a glas of wine, 19 for a shot (Weekdays), 49 kr for a beer on weekends.
  • Age limit: 20
  • Entrance fee: free
  • Webpage:

This is one of the bars in Bergen where you can get the cheapest beers (and wine) as a student. It's also a very popular bar, so if you want a table you have to be there early! After 21:00 its already crowded. The bar has a retro style, with dimmed lights and a cozy atmosphere. The clients are young people, most of them students.


  • Location: Vaskerelven 1, 5014 Bergen
  • Beer prices: 70 kr. 
  • Entrance: Free entrance
  • Age limit: 23
  • Webpage:

This is a 2-floor stylish club with a dress code. The dance floor is located on the ground floor and the music is mainstream club music (packed in the weekends). On the 1st floor there are more seats, and the music playing is more pleasant making it possible to have a conversation. The clientele is young, flirty and not-all students.


  • Location: Christiesgate 11 (same street as Garage, Kaos and Tidi)
  • Opening hours: 16:00 - 03:00 (all week)
  • Beer prices: around 60 kroner.
  • Age limit: 20 kr.
  • Entrance: free

Legal is a very small and cozy bar, a place to hang out with your friends and drink fancy beer and cocktails. The style is retro, so feel free to dress in the same way! It's fast getting crowded, so if you want to sit down – be early. The atmosphere is laid back, and the clients are older students.



  • Location: Vaskerelven 16, 5014 Bergen.
  • Opening Hours: 20:00 - 02.30 (all week)
  • Beer prices: 29-49 kr (weekdays/weekends)
  • Age limit: 20 Sunday - Thursday, 22 Friday - Saturday
  • Entrance: free

The name of the bar, “Lille” (Small), is a very good description of the nightclub/bar. This place became very popular a few years ago, and still attracts big crowds of people during the weekend. Lille has 2 floors, with the dance floor located upstairs and a very nice seats downstairs.  It has a mixed young clientele.

Cafe Opera

  • Location: Engen 18 (nearby the cinema and the theater)
  • Opening hours: 10:00/11:00 - 00:30/03:30
  • Beer prices: around 60 kr
  • Age limit: 20 after 20:00
  • Entrance: free
  • Webpage:

Cafe Opera is one of the oldest places in Bergen, and it still hangs in there. If your parents had studied in Bergen, they would most certainly had heard about this place. The atmosphere is casual, in daytime it works as a cafe (with lovely food and coffee to cheap prices), and in the evening it turns into a club. Monday and Friday evening they also run a quiz (in Norwegian), and on Thursdays it's jam sessions.

No stress

  • Location: Hollendergaten 11, 5017 Bergen, Norge
  • Opening hours: 17-01.30 in weekdays and 17-02.30 in the weekend.  
  • Beer prices: 60 kr, Cocktails 100-120 kr.
  • Age limit: 20 year.
  • Entrance: free 

No stress has up til now been more of a hidden treasure. The interior and the atmosphere is very retro, and with relaxing music pleasantly playing in the background, making it possible to carry on a conversation. There is nothing commercial about this place, and they serve the most delicious and exciting drinks in town. The bar is not very big, and tends to get quite full in the weekends. The beer menu is not the normal tap beers. Despite the bar's size, there are quite a lot of seats. The clientele is young mixed and the dress code is causal.


  • Location: Vaskerelven 14
  • Opening hours: all week
  • Bear prices 70-80 kr.
  • Age limit: 20
  • Entrance: free

Garage is a traditional local rock bar/club, but has a wide variety of clientele. Downstairs there is a dance floor and a stage for when they have concerts. Many local and international bands that later have become famous have started their careers playing concerts at Garage.
Most students would know about Garage for its Wineyard Tuesdays, where quite a full glass of wine costs 50 kr. Tuesdays are very popular, so if you want a table it could be smart to be there around 8 pm.

Hectors hybel

  • Location: Vaskerelven 14
  • Bear prices 60 kr (cheaper with student card)
  • Age limit: 20
  • Opening hours: all week
  • Entrance: free

Hectors Hybel is a bar where most of its clientele are students, but where you find a very varied crowd of students. It is located down in the ally in Vaskerelven 14, so at first it might be tricky to find. The music is mixed, with occassionally some old hits playing, and the volume makes it possible to carry out conversations. They have a lot of tables, although the bar only has one floor. The atmosphere in this bar is very nice, so it's also a place to go if you only want to grab a bier/coffee during the weekdays. Dress code causal.

Tonga bar

  • Location: Torget 9, 5014 Bergen.
  • Opening hour: 20-02.30 all week(except wednesdays 21-02.00).
  • Beer prices: 70-80, discount for students.
  • Age limit: 20
  • Entrance: free

If you need to escape the cold and grey winter of Norway, this could be the place for you. Salsa rhythms and a exotic interior, almost makes you feel like you are somewhere close to a beach and fare fare away from Norway. In addition it is known for its delicious and big sized strawberry daquires(0,4 Liters - 122 kroner). The clientele is mixed, and last time I went there were a lot of Spanish speaking people showing off their salsa moves. Mostly a younger clientele.

Bar Kollektiv

  • Location: Vetrlidsallmenning 4 
  • Opening hour: every day from 13.00
  • Beer prices: 70 kr
  • Age limit: 24
  • Entrance:  free

Bar kollektiv is a quite new place in Bergen. On daytime it is a nice cafe, but when darkness falls it gets turned into a bar/club. The atmosphere is varied, they have a big dance floor, tables where you can relax and talk and downstairs you will find shuffleboards. The clientele is mixed, but you will find many hipsters and well stylish persons here. 


  • Location: Håkonsgaten 27
  • Opening hour: Monday to Thursday from 19.00, Friday to Saturday from 17.00, till late. 
  • Beer prices:  70 kr
  • Age limit: 20
  • Entrance: free

Brukbar is a quite popular place right next to Tidi with casual atmosphere. Every Monday there is jam sessions