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Health services

The student welfare organization (SiB) has a health service consisting of doctors, dentists and psychologists. Visit their page for more information!

Weather forecast

There are several places to check out the weather forecast in Norway. The most reliable though is:

  • YR


  • PENT (actually a comparison between YR and STORM)

Note that the weather in Bergen never can be trusted. If you wake up in the morning and see the sun shining outside your window – don’t expect it to be sunny all day long. The rain comes quickly, and it doesn't know about good timing!


  • Skyss: trams, buses and ferries in Bergen. If you don't live in the city center, buy a monthly card. It lasts for 30 days, and you can use the collective transport as much as you want. It costs around 430 kr for a student. Remember to always bring your student card and/or the student ID app with you, else the card isn't valid.

  • NSB: trains in Norway. From Bergen you can go by train to Oslo. The train goes over the mountains, stopping at for exampel Voss, Myrdal, Finse, Geilo, Nesbyen before reaching Oslo. The route itself is beautiful and very famous, and if you are going off the train in Myrdal you can change to Flåmsbana, which are even more famous route by train. Note that NSB have student prices, and are also often offering tickets (called Minipris) to an even more reasonable price.

  • Airport shuttle: How to get to the airport. It's two different bus companies driving to the airport. The first one is Flybussen and the other one is Flybuss Bergen. The student prices lies around 70 kr for a one way ticket. But the companies have some offers if you buy a ticket both ways on forehand. NOTE: You can also go to the Airport to the center by Bybanen (tram)! Currently, a green bus drives from the last stop "Birkelandskiftet" to the airport, and also brings you there again. The one-way Bybanen is around 36 NOK and the bus is included.

  • How to get to the airport with public tranportation: Bus 23 and 57 are going to Bergen airport. However, they're not going so often, and they're not going from the city center. If you're going with bus 23 you will have to take a bus to Dolvik terminal and change there, and if you're going with bus 57 you will have to change at Birkelandskrysset. However, there are more places to change the bus, so if you want a accurate description of the route – use the travel planner by Skyss.

Shopping centers

The biggest shopping center in Bergen is Lagunen. Lagunen can be reached by Bybanen (only 8 stops from Fantoft). Here you will find a lot of the bigger (and cheaper) shops like XXL (sport store), Clas Ohlson (tools and other practical stuff, this store is also on the top of Bergen Busstasjon), Coop Obs Hypermarked (everything from clothes to food), Fretex (second hand), Elkjøp and Lefdal (electro stores).

Åsane senter is another big shopping center in Bergen, where you can find stores in which you cannot find in the city center (Mango, Indiska, Gina Tricot). Here you will also find IKEA. IKEA can be reached by a own bus for free going from Bergen Busstasjon. In the beginning of the autumn semester it' also usually going a bus from Fantoft and Grønneviksøren.

Grocery stores 

The cheapest grocery stores are REMA 1000, KIWI, Bunnpris and some Coops - check out the prices and special offers!. They have stores at for exampel Xhibition, Grieghallen, Sandviken and Wergeland (the stop at Bybanen). REMA 1000 sells an own product line, which are a very cheap alternative to the other products.

Hair dressers

Hair dressers are usually very expensive in Norway. But if you want a cheaper alternative, you should go to a trainee. Many hair dressers have trainees, just go in and ask. They will normally cut your hair for 200 kr, colour it for 250. BUT, they use longer time than professionals, so bring your books so you can use the time to study.  

Useful free apps

  • ØLPRISER: find out how much a beer costs in different bars

  • REMA 1000 dinner planner: get ideas and prices for dinner

  • SKYSS ticket: buy it on your phone

  • SKYSS travel planner: for trams, buses and ferries in Bergen

  • UT: free maps and descriptions over hiking routes in Norway